Sunday, December 2, 2012

Low Key Vibes

Sometimes it’s that low key shit I really dig on weekends.
For the most part, eating my own food, smashing some killer workout sessions, a night in the city with good street food, catching up with some peeps with good conversation, hitting the markets with mum for fruit & veg, getting those things done that you’ve been avoiding for weeks/months, catching up on reading, trying out a new recipe and getting prepped for the week ahead. That’s what it’s been about for me.
I feel on top of it and well, awesome :P. 
Prepping veggies for the coming week's work lunches.
Super stoked to have found this gorgeous bunch of kale at the markets this Saturday. Yes, gorgeous. Must be in season or something. This will be the green addition in my morning green smoothies for the coming week. A welcome deviation from the usual silverbeet.
Getting breakie & lunch ready for tomorrow. Lately I've been roasting a combination of pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots covered in coconut oil and a herb/spice blend on Sundays and mixing that with whatever veggies and salad we have in the fridge for my work lunches. Super quick, tastey and easy.
This weekend I decided to trial a dressing to perk up my salad. I've been wanting to try this Honey Dijon Dressing from The Detoxionista for ages now and had all the ingredients on hand: ACV, Olive Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt, Mustard, Raw Honey, Garlic, Ginger. If you haven't come across her website before, I STRONGLY recommend you get yo ass over there now. Her recipes are typically really easy to make, use really healthy ingredients (generally sugar, dairy, meat and gluten free) and all look delicious. One of my fave Health Foodie blogs.  
According to The Detoxionista it will last in the fridge for about a week so I'll be able to use it for my lunches all through this week. Yay!
Had some drizzled on my dinner tonight to test it out. Was not disappointed. Next time I'd use less honey as it was a tinsy bit too sweet on top of the sweet potato and roast pumpkin. But,
Now for some visual inspiration to round off your weekend...
The eye shadow hue, the lips, the hair, the hat - ahhh perfection.
Really digging the lighting in these pics. A hazy summer afternoon. Follow the link for more.  
Source: Oracle Fox
Yeh, model is kinda sulky, but she's wearing ridiculously hawt work attire, no?
I really want a cap this summer. Stat.
Source: Oracle Fox
Why neutral colours, long sparkly skirts and sneakers are da bomb.
Seriously go check out the pics of from the unveiling of DVF's personally designed penthouse on Hayman Island. Unless you like to avoid jealousy.
Source: Oracle Fox
Nawwww. Stylish couples. Assholes....
Source: Jak & Jil
Lolita, is that chuuu?
Source: Oracle Fox
Source: i love wildfox 
This up-do. I want it. But, hair is now short. Sigh.
Source: Fashion Fillers 
Yeah I like to make out with my coconuts too. And that ring...basically, it should be mine.  
Source: The Electric
Need more visual feasting?
Go here. Seriously.


Source: I Wanna Be Gwyneth


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