Friday, September 13, 2013

Miley You’ve Done It Again.

 image source

She can’t stop.

She won’t stop.

And it seems her skanky provocative antics and overzealous tongue are outraging a lot of people. You thought the scandal peaked at the VMA awards. Oh come on guys give her a lil more credit. This is just the beginning. Miley gets superfluously tastefully naked in her latest music video clip "Wrecking Ball" and everyone's in a tizz about it. 

Outraged? No. Shocked? Hardly. Let’s face it, a naked Miley isn’t news. Vanity Fair took care of that years ago.

Anyway, don’t you get it? The nakedness represents like her raw emotion from a relationship breakdown. She may be coping with it by self demolition, but who can blame her?

Because who hasn't wanted to straddle a wrecking ball or ardently lick a mallet after a painful breakup. We've all been there right?

I guess some would argue ice cream is the conventional break up tongue target of choice but you have to realise here people that Miley is a very innovative and alternative artist who does not follow the pack.

She twerks, wears promiscuous clothes, shaves the side of her hair and... oh wait. Okay so maybe not everything she does is hella orginal but whatever she totes don’t care cause it’s her party she can do what she wants.

Some say sex appeal is understated confidence and leaving some room to the imagination, not aggressive gyrating and pointing a giant foam hand at your crotch, but they obviously just have no idea...  
In fact, Miley is actually very encouraging about us exercising our imaginations.

"If people can take their minds of the obvious and go into the imagination a bit and see what the video really means and the way that it's so vulnerable. Actually if you look at my eyes I look more sad than my voice sounds on the record. It was much harder to actually do the video than do the song. It was much more of an emotional experience." 

See? It’s not a desperate show for attention. Miley is only being so overtly sexual because she want us to look deeper at her EYES and get in touch with our FEELINGS.

So, if you felt violated after watching her VMA performance or just don't "get" her new "Wrecking Ball" video clip, it’s only ’cause you’re not perceptive enough. Don’t fret; we can’t all be that alluring combination of edgy badass and emotionally profound like our former Hannah Montana. Don’t feel bad, K? 

Plus the aforementioned video clip was directed by Terry Richardson so it was bound to get her some exposure. Or is it, expose her?


She don’t take nothing from nobody. 

Friday, April 26, 2013


I've been MIA on this blog for a while. Probably a month or so.

Been meaning to update with a bunch of images that have taken my fancy, but the truth is I was seduced by another arresting creature which robbed me of all my recreational media time.

Pinterest, you're deliciously dangerous.

I admit it. I'm addicted.

It's just so much easier to hit the "pin it" button and be on my way rather than saving each image to my computer and adding them all here.

But, I figure it's time to share some images I've collected over the weeks because they be hawt.

And if you'd like to see more, you can find me on Pinterest here.

In other news, I'm going on a cruise! And yes, I even made a Pinterest board to channel my excitement and anticipation about it. You can check it out here :P

In the meantime, enjoy...

Never thought I'd be crushing on an orange woolen jumper with sequin letters.
Source: I Love Wild Fox

Reminds me of roving the city streets in Europe. Sigh, take me back... 
Source: Color Me Anna

Just badass
Source: Viktor Vauthier

Another French beauty. How you say...Le jaloux
Source: Under Urban Skies

I wonder if the name Behatti has a meaning. Probably "sexpot".
Source: Esther

Pastels + red lips +side swept unruly hair = mah jam
Source: BirchBox

Loving the new mop Karlie
 Source: Harpers Bazaar

Carefree n Shit
 Source: Circa Now

How to look (so) hawt you alienate people. 
 Source: Pink Pearl Tiara

Sun Kissed Nomad
 Source: Oracle Fox

 Source: Le Fashion Image

Chic Nude
 Source: I Love Wild Fox

Glamazon Brazil
 Source: I just do my thing

Moon Jewels
 Source: Moda Operandi

Geh Sssum Geh Sssum...
 Source: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Jagged Rocks
Source: Moon And Trees

Happy Weekend peeps.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can't Beleaf it's Already Autumn!

So, did anyone else in Oz notice that summer is gone?

It only dawned on me when I recorded the date for the first time this month that the beginning of March meant the end of summer. :’(

Wow, it went in a flash this year!

Autumn is the season of transformation, when the dead leaves fall away to make room for the new. This month I'm going to focus on letting go of the things that aren't serving me in life (fear, procrastination, laziness) so I can fit in more of the good stuff and really grow. I really feel like I'm finally up to speed this year and no longer trying to catch up like a mad woman.

I'm excited for the year ahead, but a little concerned by how fast it's going!  

Visual Inspiration this week.   

Chloe, you so badass...
Source: Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland

 Bug eyed.
Killer tresses.
Source: Circa Now

 Angel eyes
That face.
Source: Circa Now

Summer vision.
Source: Circa Now

This pic screams spring - Casper & Pearl Lookbook
Source: Daydream Lilly

LOVE this floral installation
Source: Daydream Lilly

Dusty brown eyes, denim jacket & greys.
Source: Oracle Fox

Striking glitter eyes.
Source: I Love Wild Fox

Want to inject more fresh flowers in my life! Time to hit the garden.

Ready for a short work week ahead.
Finally have a new laptop at work which means I know longer have to leave my personal laptop there on week nights. Hope this means I can get blog posts up more regularly!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy V-Day

Yes Valentine's Day has come and gone but LOVE lives on!
With all the V-day reminders I felt inspired to trawl through my pic collection and pick out the couple shots. I thought there were only a few scattered in there, but turns out there were quite a few. Hope you enjoy them. 
I've never understood the perspective that seeing couples all loved up should make you feel miserable if you're of single status. Seeing happy couples has always had the opposite effect on me.
There's hope. 


Night lovers