Monday, January 28, 2013

Dusk & Summer

She smiled in a big way, the way a girl like that smiles
When the world is hers and she held your eyes
Out in the breezeway down by the shore in the lazy summer
And she pulled you in, and she bit your lip, and she made you hers
She looked deep into you as you lay together quiet in the grasp of dusk and summer
~Dashboard Confessional – Dusk and Summer~

Source: Daydream Lily
Source: Oracle Fox
Source: Oracle Fox

Source: Oracle Fox

Source: Oracle Fox 

 Source: Circa Now

Hope all my fellow Aussies had a great long weekend!

I feel so blessed to live in this beautiful country.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sunday's Are For Dreaming

Relax folks, it's Sunday. The day of rest. Time to Reboot.
Sunday mornings are my favourite time of the week.

I've had a busy week and have been patiently awaiting the weekend to sit still with my thoughts and do the old catch up on stuff routine. Saturday was taken up by an impromptu shopping trip. 5 hrs and several bags full of goodies later and the day escaped me. Oops. At least the shopping expedition was a great success.

Treated myself to some new work attire and a new journal for 2013. Today I shall christen it with my first entry this year. Marking the first crisp sheet of a new journal is one of my favourite pastimes. Nerd alert. First entry should cover off my plans and dreams for this year.

Didn't have time to work out all week so I was feeling pretty tired. All it took was one heavy yoga sesh on Saturday to make me feel alive again. I'm waiting patiently for my new yoga mat to arrive in the mail.

More on this week...

Blue Skies

This week at work I took every opportunity to escape outside for lunch to soak up some sunshine. The weather has been darling so it hasn't been hard. I'm so thankful for the beautiful park opposite my work.

Revitalise Tea

My sleep routine has been out of whack following many late nights and late mornings over the Christmas break. As a result, I hit the dreaded 3pm slump most days this week. Rather than reach for more coffee (which I've resolved to limit to one hit a day as you may know from my Life Habits 2013 post), I've been relying on the Revitalise tea from Pukka to get me through. Cinnamon is kind of my go to spice so this blend is right up my alley. 

"Full of good intentions but can sometimes lack motivation." Haha, yep...

My new work cup. Matching :D

Weekend Eats

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, red onion and garlic fried in organic butter with some fresh herbs from the garden. Holy eff.

Breakfast this morning: I have sorely missed avocado this week as last week's supply we bought from the markets turned rotten with the heat wave. We're back. Mum also bought some amazing brie.

Followed by coffee and banana pieces topped with ABC butter and walnuts - a lil' invention of mine. Sweet ending to a lazy breakfast.

Visual Inspiration Round up

Green eyes & red lips - a look to try next Xmas?
Source: I Know What Your Wore Last Season

Matte coral lips with middle part.
Source: I Know What You Wore Last Season

Where glitter and sugar meet. Nothing like a sweet fix to add some sparkle to your day. Man, I am the pun queen.  
Source: I Know What You Wore Last Season

Hot man in a suit...inducing thoughts un-suit-able to share publicly. Hah!
Source: The Sartorialist

Dreamy side of the road images make me want to go on a rode trip. 
Source: Oracle Fox

What's your favourite time in the week?


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bye Holiday Break - It's been fun

New Year's Eve

Everyone must try this fresh summer salad - prawns, mango, avocado, rocket & dill. Best combo or whatttt!

 Cocktails via thermomix. Bitch Please.

 Last Sunset of 2012

 Watermelon flavoured shisha.

New Year's Day

Beautiful day @ Wonderland 2013

 Gotta love festival nosh.

Nom Nom

 Made my first blueberry smoothie with the fresh blueberries we picked last week. Mum got me these glasses for Christmas for red wine, but I've also found myself using them for smoothie lovin'.

My little bro had his 18th B'day lunch at Atrium at Crown. Guess he's not so little anymore :(. Gotta love a buffet of good food! I did not eat again for the rest of the day.

Stocked up on supplies for back to work week. It's back to green breakfast smoothies and veggie packed lunches. I've neglected the greens over the holidays, as you do, but I'm excited to load up on nutrients in the coming week. Kale, come at me.

Sunday breakfast creation. Enjoying the last day of my work break with delightful edibles. Coffee and mum's homemade blueberry muffin followed. There was no time to snap that - you understand...

For all you returning to work tomorrow...enjoy your Sunday in style.