Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rockin' Around

Ahhh December. You always come and go so fast.
But I like you ;)
You bring good times...

Source: I Love Wildfox

I'm 22 ya'll!

Light Up Leederville was perfectly timed the day before my birthday, so my sister spent the day together having a ball. I must say I love these kinds of events. The atmosphere, the music, the crowds, the beautiful weather, the glorious food = the perfect combination to make a leisurely Saturday. I used to work at a market a couple years back so these events are always close to my heart. I love bumping into stallholders from those days for some chit chat. Great community of creative people.
My cutie lil sis.
We had lunch at The Burger Grill. These guys eriously make the best fries I've ever tasted. The burgers are pretty damn good too.
I can't end a great meal without a hit of sweetness so after surveying the options my sister and I settled on these little pop-up cakes. I had strawberry and she had choc. Caaaaahhuuuute

Enjoyed a performance of Spanish dancing. I love watching old men dance, especially in heeled shoes. It's one of life's greatest gifts. I almost felt like I was back in Europe. Sigh.

Cute little hay stacks were scattered around to be used as chairs. Love these small details.

 The event came to a close with the lighting up of the streets. Noice.

I'm fortunate that this year my birthday fell on my favourite day - Sunday. Had a dinner at the Merrywell to celebrate. Holy food porn the food was finger lickin' goooood. I apologise for the horrible quality photo. I recommend pretty much everything we cheeseburgers, side of fries, lettuce cups, fish and chips and chilli tacos. Pub grub at it's finest. If you haven't checked out some of the new restaurants at Crown, you really have to. It's the new Perth. Classy shit.

Some of my gifts...

Make up, lotions and potions. Always welcome.
A pretty tea cup to add to my collection.

I've wanted one of these scent diffusers for ages. Such a girl.

My first raw choc experience.
Aside: This package may have been empty at the time of photographing...

Lunchtime Feast for the Eyes 

I'm so lucky to work across the road from an amazingly lush park. Not only is the view from the park a green oasis, it makes for a perfect lunch time retreat. Feel so much better after escaping the office aircon and catching 20mins of sunlight.

The Festivities

We had our work Xmas dinner at P'tite Ardoise. OMG so good! I really need to eat at French restaurants more! Prawns for entree, steak & veggies for main (forgot to take a photo - it was amazing!) and creme brule for dessert. Haven't been that full in a while...

My Secret Santa gift - thermo cups. Makes my morning black coffee at work look super swish. He he.
My sister and I started a little late night walk ritual about a year ago. Typically we go seek out some swings and have a nice chat. You are never to old for swings people. In the lead up to Christmas we decided to revisit our childhood and roam the neighbourhood for Christmas lights. Back in my kid days, there was this street nearby that was always super decked out in lights. Over the years the display has diminished but there are still a few houses that get into it. There was always something so magical about visiting this street as a kid and since I'm kinda sentimental, I like to go back and recapture that feeling.

Nom Nom

Yeh, it's this time of year that I think about food even more than usual. It's possible....

Healthy chilli con carn. Salad base + rice + mum's chilli con carn + avocado.

I'm proud to say I've officially integrated the green smoothie into my daily (weekdays) existance.  
Breakfast on weekends is always a bit of an experience for me. I love nothing better than to create a delish breakie and sit back with some weekend papers followed by a cappucinno.

This Saturday a girlfriend and I visited the Pointer's Farmers Market. I've been meaning to check this one out for a while. It was cute. Really community like. One of the main reasons I wanted to drop by is I heard there were stalls selling local goat's cheese and organic bread. I've become a bit obsessed with organic sourdough of late so picked some up along with mushrooms, garlic and ginger, some other ingredient staples.

After the markets, I went home and created this for lunch:
New weekend breakfast staple is any combination of fried mushrooms with garlic/onion in butter, toasted sourdough, avocado, scrambled eggs and goats cheese. Holy cow goat! Soooooo good.

Style Inspiration:

There hasn't been too much catching my eye lately. I guess I've been busy, but I did manage to save these images below.
Equal parts sexy & beautiful.
Source: Oracle Fox

Nice to see gals rocking short hair. Generally whenever I cut my locks there is always a sudden influx of pics of chicks with lush long hair braided and curled that begin floating around the net and I get that longing feeling again for a super mane. However, a nice change this time round I've been seeing a lot of  shorter styles which I'm loving. Plus this chick's French, so she rocks it extra hard.
Source: The Sartorialist

Karlie Kloss in pink.
Source: I Love Wildfox

Christmas Feasting

Time to celebrate. Merry Christmas all!
Source: a glamourous little side project

Hope y'all are celebrating Christmas with you're loved ones. Dust off the fine china and crystal, pop the champagne and indulge.

The world didn't end...gotta celebrate that.


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