Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kerrific December Inspiration

Dear Miranda Kerr, kindly send the contents of your wardrobe, child, puppy, sex appeal and husband (who is sadly lacking from these photos) my way. Many thanks xx
Source: Circa Now

Revival of the shell necklace this summer. I'll definately be dusting mine off from highschool.
Source: Love More

Hottie with a coconut. What's not to love.
Source: Zanita

Beginning Boutique - "Heartbreak Hotel" Lookbook.
Well my heart is breaking as I don't own gold sequin shorts with top frill.
Source: The Electric

Russh - Issue #49 "Greatest Hits"
Get yo hands on it
Source: Oracle Fox

More coconuts held by babes.
Source: The Chronicles of Her

Bought the newest edition of Vogue Australia on a whim at the train station. Great choice. Australia breeds some banging babes and this exotic beauty is no exception. I remember watching Shanina Shaik on Make Me A Supermodel. Boy has she got it.
Vogue Australia - Jan, 2013
Source: Oracle Fox

Maybe when Perth quits with the shady weather patterns I'll get excited about summer once more.

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