Monday, December 31, 2012

Life Habits 2013

As we approach the end of a year I like to begin to think about the habits and activities that I'd like to instil in my life the following year (many of them roll over to the next).

Making it into a visual experience means I'm more likely to run through it often to remind myself of how I wanna roll this year.


Appreciate Beauty Each Day

Make My Bed Each Morning

Aquaholic - Purify With 2.5L Water Each Day

Have One Health Smoothie A Day

Eat 2 Fruit Each Day

 Eat 5 Veggies Each Day

Eat More Nourishing Food - Less Grains, Dairy & Meat

Brew One Teapot Each Week

Savour One Sweet Treat Each Day

Savour Your One Coffee Each Day

Get 20mins Sunshine Daily

Prioritise Eating "Real Food"

Practise Yoga Each Week

Start Running Once A Fortnight

Circuit Train Once A Week For Strength

Beach Walk or Run Every Fortnight!

Dry Body Brush Every Second Day

Buy Local & Organic Where Possible

Buy Quality Clothes

 Dress Pro for Work

Hair Experimentation

Have Fun With Style - Wear Something Different Each Day

Celebrate In Style

Be Courageous

 Let Go

  Don't Get Stuck On Decisions, Circumstances, Problems - Take Action

 Drink Quality Alcohol - Be Sensible


 Enjoy Simple Pleasures

  Laugh More

 Lay In The Grass

 Learn A New Word Each Week

 Light Candles On Weekends

 Maintain & Paint Nails Fortnightly

  Make Quality Time for Friends

 Make Time to Cook - Try A New Recipe Monthly

Use More Herbs & Spices in My Cooking

 Make Weekend Breakfast Spesh

   Read One Book a Month For Fun

 Read One Book A Month To Learn & Grow

 Ride A Bike Monthly

 Schedule Swing Adventures With Sis

 Plan A Summer Picnic

Escape the City

Hold A Dinner Party

Sketch to Relax

 Start Practising Singing Again

   Venture To The City More

  Write a Journal Entry at Least Each Week

 Prioritise Me-Time

Write & Interpret My Dreams

I know I won't achieve all these things all the time...I'm not perfect, but it's just a reminder to...


  1. Amen to all those great things! Fab post!! x