Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Dreaming

This Weekend Under the Influence...

I imagine this is what Ariel's bathroom would look like. "Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat?"

Gorman A/W 2012 - Man I love this label. So quirky but wearable for work and casual wear. First outfit is prob my fave but also loving the last dress. I imagine it would become an instant go-to dress when rushing in the morning for work. (Gorman designers if you are reading this, I'm a size 8 ;P).  

She'll always be Joey Potter to me.  
Source: Love More

Paradise? The Maldives. It's times like these a private jet would be handy. (A standard plane ticket would also suffice). 

Bahati as the new face of Seafolly. Well deserved.
Source: Pedestrian

Girly makeup I'm crushing on.  
Source: The Electric

The makeup, the hair, the splendour.
Source: The Electric

Lover S/S 12/13 White Magick - Lover does lace like no one else. Angelic.
Source: Oracle Fox


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