Monday, June 4, 2012

Nothing Bedter

This post is in honour of my fave retreat throughout winter, the ever comforting haven that is the bed. During winter, bed get's lots of extra attention. Every morning in winter, departure from bed = traumatic occasion. Yes, work I know you are important, but one prefers to be enveloped in warmth thank you. Cue lots of sighing and groaning. Sometimes rebellion hits and I conduct a lie-in by way of protest. Funnily enough the authorities never seem too respond to my revolt. This makes me rather pleased. And late.

Enjoy the visual slumber tribute.

What's your winter santuary?

Rest easy


  1. ahhh these look perfect! Wish i was in my bed right now!! xx

  2. Lol funnily enough I actually am in my bed right now...heavenly O:-)

  3. Bed porn!!! This makes me miss my old bedroom decked out in girly decor :(. The things you give up for love *sigh*


    1. I know, my bed is definately my haven. This morning I was in serious comfort and warmth and it started raining and I was just really adoring how cushy it was. I can't believe in a few short weeks I will have to leave it for 3 months :(. Going to miss my bed bigtime.