Friday, June 15, 2012

Keep Calm & Call Me, Maybe

This Week Under the Influence:

Read enviously about Paula Joye's getaway to Kangaroo Island. See link for details. It sounds awesome.
Source: Lifestyled

Just chillin' in the garden in a cape sans pants. Well if you've got the legs...
Source: Fashion Canvas

This model is hawt.I can't stop staring at her full lips. Loving the ethnic prints and star patches.
Givenchy Resort 2013
Source: Oracle Fox

This blog reminds you it's the little things that put a smile on your face. Check out the full list - you'll be nodding the whole way down.
Source: Just the Little Things

Proenza Schouler Resort 2013. These guys rock. I just watched a doco giving a behind the scenes look at the prep that goes on into the lead up of their fashion show. Facinating. You wouldn't believe how last minute frantic it is!
Source: Russh Magazine

Wildfox Sunglasses - Summer 2012 "Stare at the Sun". Eye like it ;)
Source: I Love Wild Fox

I think she's wondering what happened to the pool.
Source: Oracle Fox

Could be fun, I guess...
Source: The Cool Hunter

Karlie chillin' in the chill.
Source: The Electric

Cat Eye sunnies - gimme gimme.
Source: Viktor Vauthier

Watermelon consumption Brazil style.
Source: The Electric

Increasingly being drawn to cat-eyes.
Source: Oracle Fox

Just LOL
Source: Keep Calm And

Shall be engaged for the rest of the night...

Be Magic

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