Monday, June 11, 2012

Pink Flowers, Crystals & Afros

Weekend Dreaming

This weekend the weather was pretty ferocious in Perth, so I took the opportunity to get cosy with my computer. Below is what caught my eye. Enjoy!

Pink flowers seem to be a theme this week. Loving the loose girly top too.
Source: Daydream Lily

I friggin LOVE crystal jewellery so this pic is kind of like turning me on.
Source: Oracle Fox

So most of us probably don't lounge around on a Saturday in metallic silver eyeshadow, but...I still dig it.
Source: I Know What You Wore Last Season

Is it the flowers emitting that pink glow on the houses? How divine!
Source: Something Navy

Quite Christina Aguilera post Back to Basics, No?
Source: The Sartorialist

Screams summer. The palm, the flowers, the colours = fantastic.

Frothing over Heidi Middleton's (of Sass and Bide) killer pad. Love the bohemian/surfy vibe. And I think I would quite look forward to peeing with a bathroom view like that. Just sayin'...
See link below for more photos.
Source: Oracle Fox

This weekend I became a bit of a stalker of this chick's style blog. But, it's really her fault for having such ridiculously cool hair.
Source: Trop Rouge

Enjoy your week


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  1. beautiful photos! love the inspiration! xx