Monday, April 9, 2012

Post-Easter Indulgence Recovery

So it’s been a pretty indulgent Easter weekend with all the hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and baked goods (mum made both choc chip and raspberry & white choc muffins yesterday –  I may have had one of each :I). Today I opened the fridge and the first thing I saw was a tray of homemade rocky road. Geez mum, you make avoiding sugar hard...
While I’ve enjoyed the extra sweetness over the long weekend, I do feel it’s time to wean off the sugar high and get back into more healthy nosh and moving and grooving in the exercise department. So, I’ve been perusing some health oriented blogs and snaps to motivate me to get back on my A-game come Tuesday.

 Also, some of my fave health links at the moment:

This is a girl of my own heart. From what I can take from her blog she has a passion for yummy and healthy food but also has a super sweet tooth and doesn’t like to go without a little dessert after dinner which is something I can absolutely relate to. I ALWAYS crave a sweet little something after dinner and feel it rounds off my day nicely – something to look forward to. Because detoxinista is a Holistic Health Counselor, her sweet treats are all pretty guilt free too!    

This is a go-to blog for some workout motivation. I love the catch phrase of this blog - Move Nourish Believe - it's simple and reminds you of the basics to feeling good; move your body, eat nutritious food and think and imagine positive thoughts. If you scroll down the inspiration board on the main page and don’t feel inspired to move yo body and eat some beautiful healthy nosh I don’t know what would do it!

This is a super blog when it comes to holistic health. The beauty of Kora is it doesn’t just focus on one aspect of health and wellness, like nutrition or fitness but incorporates a whole gamut of topics including nutrition, fitness, beauty, yoga, meditation, positive psychology, affirmations, natural therapies, etc. The blog also touches on making ethical choices and sustainability which I think is awesome because it’s not just about creating a more healthy vibrant you but encourages you to make choices that help create a better planet for us all. Ultimately, it just makes you feel super inspired to live a healthy, soulful and fulfilling life.

This is another one of those all-rounder health and wellness sources that will inspire you to inject some goodness to your day. My fave aspect of the Well Daily though is that it takes a really positive and uncomplicated approach to health and wellness, by giving you some simple tips to incorporate into your routine. I’ve found when you start to immerse yourself in all the “health” sources out there you can begin to feel quite overloaded with information and overwhelmed by everything you feel you should be doing  or shouldn’t be doing, so you end up just doing the same stuff you always have . After a pretty intense period of “health discovering” (when I was reading up ALOT about nutrition on various blogs and a huge stack of books) and changing my habits accordingly I suddenly hit a wall. Being healthy began to feel like a struggle and chore – something I did because I should and not because I wanted to. As someone who’s always been interested in eating well, this was a red flag for me. So I relaxed about it all. After all there’s no point eating the perfect diet and following the perfect fitness routine if it makes you a high strung unhappy person! But back to the blog...I believe what I was getting at before this little personal detour is that it’s about the small things we do on a daily basis that all add up and the Well Daily makes exploring these new activities and habits seem pleasurable and easy to do.      

Penned by Yasmin Trollop, the beauty editor for Good Health Magazine and writer for primped, the Happiness Cocktail is her personal blog full of healthy and simple recipes as well as a concoction of nutritional and wellbeing tips and oodles of positive vibes. The blog is definitely named accurately as it’ll leave you with a big fat smile plastered on your face.

Most readers would know Sarah from her days as the editor of Australian Cosmo and columns in Sunday Life. I think most health conscious Aussies have discovered her personal blog by now and probably came across her “quit sugar” message. If you’re living with or recovering from a food related health condition, than this blog is a melting pot of helpful information for you. Although, you certainly don’t have to be suffering with any food related issue to enjoy it. Among all the interesting and informative articles on food are some great personal insights on health and living a better life. I feel like a great take away message from this blog is to take care of yourself and slow down in this crazy world of ours.

Some steps I took today to up the health factor:

Yummy lunch of scrambled eggs and veggies on a bed of spinach with avocado and mushrooms.

Getting some vitamin D on the balcony while catching up on some chilled reading.

Reflecting in my journal - always theraputic getting your thoughts down on paper.

Getting my two serves of fruit.

After dinner I dragged my sister out for a night walk with a swing stop over. Getting the body moving always leave me feeling energised!

Hope you're inspired to move and nourish yourself tomorrow!
Stay happy and healthy folks,


  1. Love your blog! So glad you shared the links to some others, too. And your lunch looks SO DELICIOUS. Anyway, I'm a new follower. Hope you'll follow back!

  2. Thanks a bunch Genevieve. I just took a peak at your blog and now feel compelled to go to a cafe somewhere and eat something delicious lol. Los Angeles looks like a lot of fun! Will be happy to follow you so I can oogle at all the yummy places you go to :).

  3. I'm so glad you posted this, I'm feeling so gross after Easter and being down in Margaret River surrounded by wine and cheese (it was a good idea at the time)!


    1. Tell me bout it! Of course mum went and bought all these Easter bunnies at the Easter sale which I've been having difficulty resisting. Sigh. Definately working out this morning!