Thursday, April 5, 2012

You Make the Good Girls Go Bad

Dear Milo,
You’ve chosen a bad time to re-enter my life.
I know we have a pretty long history full of pleasant memories, but I’ve changed. I’ve grown up a lot since we last hung out together and I wasn’t ever planning on getting back in touch. But for some reason you’ve decided to re-enter my life. Not saying I’m not at all culpable in this reunion. But you have to admit you do contain some pretty addictive qualities that make it hard for a girl to resist you.

So the reason your timing is bad? Well after reading copious amounts of info on the perils of sugar, I’ve been trying to cut back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up chocolate or anything like that. Heck I’m health conscious, but I’m also a realist. My willpower only extends so far. Plus I don’t believe in denying myself the sweeter things in life. I believe indulging in things that make us happy in sensible doses.

The reason I’m picking on you and not chocolate is because I was quite happy without you in my life since childhood, so you weren’t something I needed to be concerned with on the sugar front. But you snuck your way back into my life by way of an impulse craving. I was stuck at work wanting a creamy, rich and warm drink that wasn’t coffee, because it was too late in the day and herbal tea just wasn’t going to hit the spot. You seemed the only other option available that fulfilled the above criteria.

So after giving you a whirl, I looked up your details out of curiosity, which showed you are made up of 46.4% of the sweet stuff. Yikes! Every day since reuniting my tongue with your deliciousness I wanted you. But then it dawned on me. It wasn’t the sugar I was craving, but the comfort you bestowed. As a child you signalled the end of the day being the warm drink mum gave us before bed. I guess I’ll always associate you with that warm, safe feeling.

But after discovering the truth about what you're really made of, we just can't go on like this. Not when you're seducing gals all over town with your sweet talking. So, while I enjoyed our brief fling this week, I’m ready to go back to Roobis, Peppermint and Rosehip.

Until my next craving,


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