Saturday, November 3, 2012


One of the first things I did upon returning home from my Euro adventure was get on Blogger for an epic blog reading/viewing catch-up session. Of course, I did do a lot of blog reading and browsing on my down time while I was away, but it was mostly just my faves so there was a lot of good stuff that I missed.

Blog viewing (stalking) is a major source of weekly inspiration for me so it's an activity that I definately missed. However, I'm well and truly back to my old habits and have been consuming ridonkulous amounts of online splendour in the month (already!) that I've been back.

After trecking it through Eurpoe rotating the same suitcase of threads for 3 months you can't imagine how much I yearned for some fashion updates. Fortuitously, Who What Wear Daily were on their game delivering all the best runway updates over the week that I returned. I was blown away by the awesomeness of it all.

Below is what I'm digging.

Dries Van Noten
I love the colour palette used in this colection. They've got floral, sheer fabric, metallic and tartan all combined for a subtle, edgy and elegant look. Take Note-n!

Jenni Kayne:
This is actually the first time I had heard of this designer, but wow am I glad WWW got us acquainted. Jenni designs the kind of threads I believe Australian's hanker for: casual, smart and classic. Her looks ooze that super cool but comfy vibe. Simple designs + quality fabrics = you can just tell these pieces are never going to date. I pretty much saved every look in my computer files. They are that good.

Phillip Lim:
Phil keeping it super fresh with his floral patterns and funky shades. I love the bold block lettering with floral accents. Just screams spring!

Proenza Schouler:
Just awesome patterns. Man, you guys are ProS!

Masters of the trouser suit. So classic, so divine. Enough to make me wanna become a corporate bitch.

Bold patterns that make me scream GIMMEE KENZO!

Jason Wu:
Woo! Who doesn't like a black and white polka dot frock.

Zee French know fashion - they just have zat je ne sais quoi and Chanel is the go-to fashion house in that department. Take a look below and you'll see why. Excuse my French, but those last two frocks are effing brilliant.

So zat wraps it up! There were plenty more lines to admire, but these were my picks.
Hope I satisfied your style tooth this weekend. I urge you bust out something killer for work come Monday. It's one way to upgrade your week.

Until next time...

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