Friday, October 19, 2012

Back to the Reality

I'M BACK! In fact, It's been about two weeks since I've returned from my 3 month travels and I'm finally back in the swing of life in Perth (it’s more of a slight sway here really). I have to say, despite all the wonders I encountered, amazing sights I witnessed and super experiences I had while away, I was happy to be back in the comforts of home. Turns out, ruby heel tapping Dorothy was right. But, I think I knew that all along. My burning desire for freedom, spontaneity and novelty has been tamed for the interim. I guess I'm content to be back because I know it's just the beginning of my travelling journey.

What I do not miss about travelling for an extended period of time:

  • Washing my underwear in the sink every week

  • Hauling luggage around everywhere

  • Living out of a suitcase

  • Moving my toiletries in and out of the bathroom

  • Always sharing mirrors

  • Occasional crappy pillows and beds

  • Eating out ALL THE TIME (I typically love eating out, but three months of restaurant food, three meals a day takes its toll on energy levels and general feeling of wellbeing)

  • Sightseeing in full hangover glory

  • Realising I have left something behind

  • Minimal personal space

  • Plane food

  • Deciding where/what to eat multiple times a day and having to travel or dress up for food

  • Lack of avocado

  • Dodgy wifi

Having said that, it’s all absolutely worth every second and I’m already dreaming of my future escape. But, right now I’m really enjoying being around my family, friends and home again as well as spending copious time on my own to recharge and recuperate.

This brings me to food. I ate some amazing meals at some amazing places throughout my trip, but sometimes you just crave really basic, fresh and healthy food that is sadly often elusive on many restaurant menus. I’m all for butter, cream, sugar and exotic ingredients when sampling a cultural delight, but such meals are generally reserved for catch ups and special occasions in my everyday life, so I did find myself repeatedly daydreaming about steamed broccoli and salad sandwiches.   

So, it’s no surprise that since I’ve been back I’ve fled to the fresh food markets twice with glee and have been preparing a lot of fresh healthy nosh. I’m trying to get back into a routine with sleep, food, fitness and other daily habits to prepare for my new job starting Monday and to re-establish a sense of balance and wellness.

This is what’s been on my agenda since getting back...

 Preparing my own meals with lots of veggies and fresh ingredients.

Market visits - Mum bought me these dill seeds for our garden. I freaking love dill and it's been way too long since I've sprinkling this baby on my salads and veggies. Hope this fresh herb will inspire me to eat more greens in the coming months!

Visits to the park with furry and non-furry friends. Appreciating the beauty of my surrounds close to home.

Hanging with my beautiful lil sis. Enjoying eating out in Perth. I have to say, I appreciate the variety of cuisine we have in Aus. In some places in Europe the options are pretty limited.

Renewing my love affair with tea.

4 month reunion with these guys. After so much time apart I really need to kick my mind into Nike mode (Just do it!).

Catching up on some Aussie media.

A spot of shopping. Oops...

Haircut/colour! Channeling Rose Bryne.

Downloading some tunes to keep my holiday alive! (Heard these a lot in Europe).

Enjoy your weekend folks!



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