Monday, November 19, 2012

Foodie Weeks

Ahhh what a week.

Since starting my new job weeks have gone by in a flash. It’s already been a month!

And leaving my laptop at work on week nights is certainly not conducive to keeping an up-to-date blog, hence the sporadic postings.

In any case it’s about time I got to sharing what’s been rockin’ my days the last couple weeks.


I’ve been starting my day with a green smoothie for breakfast before racing off to work. It’s about the only thing I have time to demolish each morning if I want to get to work in time.

Lately it’s been a combination of:

- Swiss chard leaves

- ½ mango

- Handful of strawberries

- ½ banana

- soaked almonds

- Almond milk

- Tbsp coconut oil

- Tsp chia seeds

- Cinnamon

I’m taking full smoothie benefits with the bounty of mangos and strawberries available during the summer season.
Another smoothie that’s been doing the rounds is this chocolate affair:

-          Tbsp 180 Nutrition choc protein supplement

-          Tsp raw cocoa (I use Loving Earth)

-          Tsp maca powder

-          Almond milk

-          Frozen raspberries

-          Small banana

-          ½ small avocado

-          Handful spinach leaves or swiss chard

-          Tsp coconut oil


Packed with goodness, this lil’ guy is a super rich energy booster. Depending on how much almond milk you add it can get thick enough to eat with a spoon. Fun.  


I’m realising more and more how essential injecting exercise into my week is to my sanity. It really is the best kind of therapy! Nagging thoughts and stress dissipate. The fog lifts. I feel clear, content, stronger. The ultimate self-love practice. Just Do It.


One way I’ve been keeping on top of my weekly sweat requirements is some after work yoga. I love exercising on weekend mornings but during the week my mornings are already too much of a mad rush to fit in a sweat sesh.

After work it can be hard to rustle up the energy to squeeze in a workout pre-dinner, but I find a 30min yoga sesh isn’t so intimidating. It’s actually often welcome if you’re cooped up working on a computer all day and like me get a stiff and sore neck and back.  

I’m absolutely in love with this yoga app called “Pocket Yoga” that I downloaded on my tablet. For under 3 bux you get to choose between three different yoga types: Ocean, Dessert, Mountains; choose how long you’d like to practice (30m, 40m, 1hr); and whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert Yogi. It talks you through the whole lesson and makes sure your breathing is in check. I could rave all day about this one.

Click here to download.

Jamie's 15 Minute Meals:

Who doesn't love a lil food porn on a week night. Love this program. Really want to get the book too! He's a champ.

Food Food Food:

Mum's spinach pie experiment
Mum's meatballs with veggies - seriously good!

Carrot, Ginger, Celery juice @ Deli, North Beach

My new fave Sunday breakie creation: avocado on toasted homemade bread topped with mushrooms, garlic, onion and herbs fried with organic butter. Somtimes I add bacon and spring onionor a side of eggs. So good!

Dad's B'day cake: mum's Black Forrest

A work dinner @ Dragon Palace in Perth

Fried icecream with caramel sauce. Nuff said.

Please sir, can I have some more!


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