Monday, May 7, 2012

Going Places

As a soon to be traveller through Europe (less than 2 month till take off, wee!!!) imagine my delight when the newest edition of Yen announced “travel special” on its cover. Upon reading this edition I discovered that it wasn’t very Euro focused at all. Nevertheless, it certainly succeeded in kindling a blaze of travel centric thoughts - the anticipation of new places, faces, and experiences; what to pack?; what will I be wearing?; what sites should I bookmark?.   

Suddenly it seems everywhere I turn there is an article, movie, book, photo, image, blog, etc that stir further travel thoughts and daydreams. Or perhaps, it is only because of the impending trip that I am noticing every travel/Euro related stimuli.  

In any case, I’m thoroughly enjoying the excitement build-up, internal planning and imagined scenes. Because daydreaming is something I do ALOT! The two psychics I have seen both confirmed that I live in my head. It's true. 

Some of my imaginings:

·         Hanging in Paris cafes ordering sinful pastries and lattes

·         Stumbling across trendy bars and clubs in London   

·         Lounging on a sunbed by a gorgeous bright blue pool in the Greek Islands

·         Exploring Croatian Islands

·         Giggling at cute French boy’s accents

·         Dancing freely in Spain surrounded by tanned bodies and big smiles

·         Strolling the streets of Prague admiring the architecture

·         Clinking beer mugs with an inebriated crowd at Oktoberfest in Germany

·         Discovering amazing provincial food in South of France

·         Dancing till 3am in a grungy Amsterdam bar

·         Gorging on chocolate in Belgium  

The list goes on (and on!)...

I think anticipating is half the fun.

Some Blogs / articles I've stumbled upon lately that have got my travel juices flowing:
My French Life: Covering French art, culture, gastronomie, design and escapes

Destination Europe: "Discovering the best places to visit in Europe"
Beach Tomatoes:  For those who agree: it's better at the beach
Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Pinch: For pinches of travel inspirational - go figure... 

I'll finish with a visual montage of my thoughts lately...

I'm expecting this is what my Spanish experience will resemble... HAHA joking! ;)

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