Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Getting of Wisdom

I’ve always been someone who likes to write, reflect, make plans, devise life goals, dream about my future, make vision boards and trial and implement a whole gamut of life enhancing habits into my lifestyle. I think it all stems from a desire I’ve always harboured to make life the best it can be; to live radiantly, deliberately and with purpose.

Yes, I’m one of those people who stalks the self-help book isle. Yes, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People variety. It’s not at all that I’m unhappy with life. Quite the opposite. But I’m open to different ideas and actions that can make it better and instil some direction.

I just love reading about positive psychology, personal development and business/career development. I find it motivating, empowering and stimulating. Granted, it’s not for everyone and yes, there are a lot of BS ones out there, but sometimes a book can transform the way you look at life. It can be the kick in the ass you need to make some positive changes and serve as a guide to take you where you need to go. Words are powerful.

If you are interested in checking some out here are a few I’ve come across and enjoyed.

·         Flip the Switch – Andrew May
·         The Four Agreements - Don Ruiz

The following are currently on my radar. Some aren’t quite relevant to my life right now so I’m saving them for a more appropriate time.

At the moment I’m dipping my toes into Add More ~ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness – Gabrielle Bernstein. Uplifting.

Today I somehow stumbled upon Normal Get’s You Nowhere - Kelly Cutrone while surfing the net and I’m super keen to get my hands on this one.  Like many, I first encountered Kelly on The City as the direct and assertive boss who doesn’t sugar coat. At first I found her quite domineering and decided I would find her terrifying as a boss. But my opinion of her slowly changed as I saw her as fulfilling a mentor role for Whitney and I began to admire her no nonsense approach. She simply gave her opinions straight up, no added sugar, which can actually be quite refreshing, albeit confronting. 

I guess a part of my facination with these books is witnessing the journey of others (a lot of them shed personal insights and life trajectories) and absorbing the stories of people who are doing kick ass things in the world.

Whether you prescribe to them or not, they do share some powerful universal themes and messages which we could all benefit from heeding:

Believe in Yourself
Live Couragously
Be Authentic
Give and Your Shall Recieve
Be Grateful
Take Action

Are any of the books mentioned on your list?

Please bringeth forth the recommendations too J.

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