Monday, February 4, 2013

Taste Sensation

The return of MKR to the screen has correlated with my sudden increase in appetite for good food.
I'm such a food show addict. The Food Safari series (French and Italian) and basically anything with Jamie Oliver are my faves along with My Kitchen Rules. Only downside is the onslaught of cravings that accompany food porn.

Oh man ever since I discovered Rongwould Cendre goats cheese which I buy at Poynter's Farmer's Market I have been hanging out for this breakfast. Basically I mix some fresh herbs from the garden (dill and parsley) with some mashed avocado and the goats cheese and spread it on some organic sour dough (also from Poynters Farmer's Market) then top with cracked pepper and himalayan salt. Served with a side of scrabbled eggs. Bliss.

 Followed by coffee + mum's blueberry muffin...
Best Sunday Breakie in a long time.

Mum's also been cooking a lot of quinoa/rice dishes of late which I'm enjoying.

Last week I rediscovered this amazing tea by Dilmah - Rose with French Vanilla. Ever since I tried it after spotting it in the tea cupboard last week, it has become my go-to post dinner tea to accompany my dark choc obsession. It smells like musk and tastes like Turkish Delight. Divine.

This week's picks of visual inspiration...

Source: 4th and Bleeker
 Source: 4th and Bleeker

 Source: I Love Wild Fox
 Source: Oracle Fox

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